Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1.7 Million People In Ekiti State Practice Open Defecation - EU Sanitation Expert Reveals

According to European Union (EU) Senior Expert on Sanitation, Tope Babalobi, 1.7 million people in Ekiti State practice open defecation.

The Nation reports that Babalola said this during a breakfast programme on the Ekiti Television (EKTV), Daybreak Nigeria yesterday January 26th. Babalobi, who is also the National Chairman of Water and Sanitation Network, urged the residents of the state to maintain a clean environment to avoid falling victim of Lassa fever.

“Rodents and rats have no business coming to your house if it is clean. Eateries, restaurants, schools, shops, markets must prioritise sanitation. If you manage your waste very well, these diseases will be far. This is a challenge to us as individuals in our homes and business premises,” he said.

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