Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Photos:Teen Girl Killed By Train While Posing For Selfie

The teenage girl pictured above has died after she was hit by a train as she posed for a selfie just inches from a railway track.

Horror photos show the unnamed 19-year-old just seconds before the train hit her after ignoring warnings from other tourists to move back. This happened in the city of Foshan, South China’s Guangdong Province last Saturday.

The girl was reportedly attracted to a particular stretch of rail by a sea of roses growing nearby, which also attracted hundreds of others but she went too far by straying too close to the railway tracks until she was finally struck by a freight train and paramedics on arrival pronounced her dead.

Officials have banned people from taking photographs in that railway area. While selfies may never be listed as an official cause of death, there have been an increasing number of selfie-related deaths in China in recent years, including those of victims who tried to take selfies while on top dangerous cliffs and waterfalls.

Source: South China Morning Post‎/MirrorUK

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