Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Deal On!!! Get 10% Discount On Ewami Essentials Beauty Products

In the spirit of Easter, Ewami Essentials known for their new and innovative products is giving 10% discount off on all their amazing skin and hair care products.

Visit Ewami Essentials store today to get your own discount on their wide range of beauty products such as

Skin Care Products including Coffee exfoliating scrub, Lemon exfoliating scrub, Cleansing honey, Cleansing grains, Herbal body wash, Local fresh soap, Clarifying body oil 1, Clarifying body oil 2 , Satin finish body butter, Brightening body milk, Brightening body milk 2, Brightening body milk 3, Hand moisturizing cream, Firming serum, Cleansing lotion 1, Cleansing lotion 2, Oil cleansing blend, Chocolate Mask, Lip soothing balm, Balancing face toner, Face cream 1, Face cream 2.

And Hair Care Products including Clarifying shampoo, Nourishing conditioner, Clarifying hair mask, Deep conditioning protein treatment, Hot oil pre poo treatment, Curls in a bottle, Curl defining leave in conditioner, Hair detangling mist, Hair buttercreme, Extra virgin coconut oil.

Click to shop now or visit the store @ 31, Oshuntokun Avenue Old Bodija Ibadan or contact the following to make you order...

Call +2347031551422
Whatsapp: +2348157677403
BBM Pin: 5C26F230

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