Sunday, March 27, 2016

Join The Beard Gang With Ewami Essentials

Who would have thought beards will one day become a ‘fashion item’, as it is now for both regular guys and some highly placed men.

For some guys like me, the art of growing beards has been somewhat elusive as many guys out there would love to have the problem of having to shave off fast-growing beard hair every day, but instead they are trying with all their might to have the semblance of a full beard to finally take shape.

Are you the type of guy like me who can grow wicked chin hair but cant seem to get the cheek hair to fill out, or you want a full beard, but it appears as though you have been forever limited to the goatee-type option?

Noble Igwe, Loose Kaynon, Praiz, Jidenna, Special ED

No worries anymore, because the remedy for your beard growth is finally here, the "Hairline Corrector Oil" and 'Scalp Clarifying & Hair Growth Oil Blend" from the creative stable of Ewami Essential, a proudly Nigerian privately owned direct sales company and manufacturers of organic handcrafted skin and hair care products.

These amazing hair care products, is aimed at follically-challenged men desperate to grow facial hair but struggling to achieve anything more than stubble.

These products made entirely from natural ingredients launched after it became fashionable to have beards, promotes the growth of facial hair by stimulating follicles, resulting in a thicker, more luscious beard to match those spotted on D Banj, Banky W, 2Shotz, Praiz, Jidenna, Special Ed to mention a few.

Hairline Corrector Oil and Scalp Clarifying & Hair Growth Oil Blend are made from a blend of vitamins and minerals that nourish facial hair follicles, replenishes, rejuvenates as well as stimulate hair growth. and applying them on receding hairline twice daily will yield amazing too-good-to be true hair growth results.

According to Ewami Essential, who said they are always looking for new and innovative products, the major inspiration behind these products and all their beauty products is to encourage the use of natural ingredients for the production of skin and hair care products rather than chemicals.

To get your Hairline Corrector Oil and Scalp Clarifying & Hair Growth Oil Blend or other amazing beauty products from the stable of Ewami Essentials like:

Skin Care Products including Coffee exfoliating scrub, Lemon exfoliating scrub, Cleansing honey, Cleansing grains, Herbal body wash, Local fresh soap, Clarifying body oil 1, Clarifying body oil 2 , Satin finish body butter, Brightening body milk, Brightening body milk 2, Brightening body milk 3, Hand moisturizing cream, Firming serum, Cleansing lotion 1, Cleansing lotion 2, Oil cleansing blend, Chocolate Mask, Lip soothing balm, Balancing face toner, Face cream 1, Face cream 2.

And Hair Care Products including Clarifying shampoo, Nourishing conditioner, Clarifying hair mask, Deep conditioning protein treatment, Hot oil pre poo treatment, Curls in a bottle, Curl defining leave in conditioner, Hair detangling mist, Hair buttercreme, Extra virgin coconut oil.

Or you want to partner with Ewami Essentials as an Independent Distributor or Marketer of these amazing beauty products.

Call +2347031551422
Whatsapp: +2348157677403
BBM Pin: 5C26F230
Or visit the Head Office @ 31, Oshuntokun Avenue Old Bodija Ibadan.

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