Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Photos: See The Restaurant In China Where Waitresses & Waiters Work Half-Naked

Daoxianji is the name of the luxurious restaurant in China where ladies who work as waitresses dress in bikinis to attend to customers.

The management of the restaurant on the mission to attract more customer decided to get their staffs dressed up
in beachwear's and underwear's while serving the customers. An idea that has greatly increased the  restaurant's sales and patronage, simply because the customers love to also feed their eyes on the sexy workers while enjoying their meals, goin a long way to show the effectiveness of customer service in the boosting of sales.

Every day women in bikinis and men in swimming trunks serve food to customers in the restaurant located in the city of Shenyang, capital of north-eastern China’s Liaoning Province.  Going a long way to show their effectiveness and customer service in boosting their sales.

However, critics say that the decision to dress staff in beachwear sends the wrong message especially to younger customers and has expected, this strategy of sales have attracted so much criticisms from people but the restaurant is virtually paying no attention to it at all.

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