Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We Are Hiring; Marketing Executives And Distributors At Ewami Essentials

Ewami Essentials, manufacturers of organic handcrafted skin and hair care products is now recruiting Distributors and National Sales Team to represent our new products and full product line. We offer a variety of innovative products, and have secured product lines with unparalleled service and support, with revenue for sales team.

The major inspiration behind our beauty products is to encourage the use of natural ingredients for the production of skin and hair care products rather than chemicals with essential ingredients like granules including brown sugar, sea salt, Epsom salt, Egyptian pink salt, etc combined with suitable oils like olive, jojoba, almond, avocado or coconut oil that will help remove dead skin cells clogging out pores while also moisturizing the skin in the process.

We presently have 22 Skin Care Products including Coffee exfoliating scrub, Lemon exfoliating scrub, Cleansing honey, Cleansing grains, Herbal body wash, Local fresh soap, Clarifying body oil 1, Clarifying body oil 2 , Satin finish body butter, Brightening body milk, Brightening body milk 2, Brightening body milk 3, Hand moisturizing cream, Firming serum, Cleansing lotion 1, Cleansing lotion 2, Oil cleansing blend, Chocolate Mask, Lip soothing balm, Balancing face toner, Face cream 1, Face cream 2

And 12 Hair Care Products including Clarifying shampoo, Nourishing conditioner, Clarifying hair mask, Deep conditioning protein treatment, Hot oil pre poo treatment, Curls in a bottle, Curl defining leave in conditioner, Hair detangling mist, Hair buttercreme, Hairline corrector oil, Scalp clarifying and hair growth oil, Extra virgin coconut oil for distribution.

Ewami Essentials is focused on providing top quality beauty products and services that will meet our customers skin care needs, while maintaining the utmost moral and ethical standards at every level of the company.

Independent Distributors & Marketing Executives are responsible for distribution of Ewami Essentials organic skin and hair care products/services to retailers, beauty stores and consumers.

* Contact/Arrange appointments retailers, beauty professionals and consumers to distribute Ewami Essentials organic skin and hair care products and services.
* Cold-call or go door-to-door.
* Deliver presentations to retailers, beauty professionals and consumers in multiple call points
* Build relationships with retailers, beauty professionals and consumers
* Perform product demonstrations, implementation, and educational support.
* Improve product knowledge and sales techniques.
* To call on regular and prospective customers to promote products and services.
* Research competitors.
* Gathers, analyzes and delivers information from the field to allow the company to develop strategies and products appropriated to the Quality and Safety Testing market.
* Take orders and disburse receipts.
* Estimate time and date of delivery.
* Help in the implementation and set-up of testing services.

Interpersonal skills
Being visual or creative
Being outgoing and persuasive
Self Motivated
Goal oriented

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