Thursday, October 29, 2015

Man Mocked After Accidentally Sending Explicit WhatsApp Message Meant For Wife To His Prayer Group

Ochieng Ochola, who is part of a prayer group called 'Embakasi Prayer Cell' became the butt of internet jokes when in a WhatsApp conversation with members of his prayer group, he accidentally sent a message which was contrary to the topic of discussion.

"You seem to love my voice. This voice will whisper asking how you are feeling when you will be having your orgasm at cloud nine," reads Bro Ocholla’s message.

In shock, a member of the group writes “ops!” and then went ahead to write “Bro Ocholla?”
An embarrassed Bro Ocholla quickly apologized, writing: "Wrong message. Sorry. Poleni.". One of the WhatsApp group members took a screenshot and shared it. By Tuesday morning, the screenshot had gone viral in Kenya and they mocked the heck out of Bro Ocholla with hilarious memes. See some of the reactions on Twitter under the hashtag #broocholla below...

Meanwhile, Bro Ocholla has come out to defend himself. Speaking on a breakfast show on Wednesday, the Nairobi man explained that the raunchy message was meant for his wife.

"I was sending the message to my wife. I think there is a malicious someone in our prayer group. Why would someone post it on the internet?

His wife who was on the show with him confirmed that she was the intended recipient of the famous message. "This happened last week. Why is the media trying to break up a marriage?" she questioned.

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