Thursday, October 1, 2015

"I Can Be Successfully Impeached If I Interfere" - Pres. Buhari Speaks On Saraki's Trial

According to President Buhari, he will not be interfering in the trial of the senate president Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal as he could be successfully impeached if he does so.

He said the Nigerian constitution does not permit interference between the three arms of government, that is the Legislature, Judiciary and the Executive. Buhari said this in an interview with Sahara TV.

"What has the president got to do with another person. The case is in court. Do Nigerians expect me to tell the chief justice to tell which ever court that they shouldn't try the senate president? Do Nigerians know about the constitution of their own country? The judiciary, the legislator and the executives have got their own roles within the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria? Then how do they expect me to interfere? I can be successfully impeached if I do it?" he said.

Asked how confident he is on the senate president just as 84 senators did two days, Buhari said;

"That will depend on the outcome of the court. decision".

Asked if himself and Saraki are on talking terms, he said;

"Rightly. You know there are some appointments which the senate has to approve and I can't remember how many letters I personally wrote to him because it is constitutional. There are people I want to work with but I cannot work with them unless the national assembly approves. So I have been writing to the senate president and to the leader of the house. This is constitutional," he said.

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