Friday, October 2, 2015

Check Out The Countries With The Highest Number Of Casualties In The Saudi Hajj Stampede

According to reports, the figure of foreign causalities in the Hajj stampede has increased as a number of countries announced the deaths of their citizens.

Although, Saudi authorities are yet to release a breakdown of the nationalities of the 769 Muslim pilgrims reported dead following the Hajj stampede, some countries have announced the deaths of their citizens.

The death toll provided below by foreign officials and media is now 990, which is way more than the figure Saudi released, reported AFP. The tallies also show another 615 people as unaccounted for:
Iran - 464 dead;

Egypt - 124 dead, 72 missing;
Nigeria: 64 dead, 244 missing;
Mali: 60 dead;
Indonesia: 59 dead, 74 missing;
India: 51 dead, 63 missing;
Pakistan: 46 dead, more than 40 missing;
Niger: 22 dead; Cameroun: 20 dead;
Ivory Coast: 14 dead, 77 missing;
Chad: 11 dead;
Algeria: 11 dead;
Senegal: 10 dead;
Morocco: 10 dead, 29 missing;
Somalia: 8 dead (media reports);
Libya: 4 dead, 16 missing;
Tanzania: 4 dead;
Kenya: 3 dead;
Tunisia: 2 dead;
Burkina Faso: 1 dead;
Burundi: 1 dead;
Netherlands: 1 dead;
Benin: unspecified number of deaths.

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