Saturday, November 21, 2015

"I Will Never Pay Tithe To Any Church" - Ghanaian Millionaire Businessman, Prince Amoabeng

Ghanaian millionaire businessman, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, revealed in a recent interview that he does not pay tithes, he said though he believes in God, he will never honour the Christian rite for personal reasons.

According to Ghana Web, Amoabeng, who is the president of UT Holdings, made the revelation while speaking at Morning Starr on Friday where he said he believes in God and goes to Church “once in a long while if there is a wedding or funeral,” but he is not a tither. In his words he said:

“I don’t pay tithe. I would not give 10 percent, and nobody can force me to give 10 percent of my money to anybody. So I don’t pay tithe. I do all sort of philanthropic jobs myself. I see where there is the need for me to help, and I help."

“I don’t have to give it to somebody who then decides where to put the money. So it is my hard earned money, and I should put it where I want to put it, that’s me.” He told host Nii Arday Clegg.

“I’m not saying payment of tithe is bad. I’m not here to say don’t pay tithe. No. I think it depends on what you see the church for and what the church means to you and does for you.” He added.

When asked how he will feel when he dies, Amoabeng said: “I don’t give a damn. I don’t think about death at all.”

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