Friday, November 6, 2015

Photo: Year-Old Man Caught Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Daughter Paraded Naked

A man was paraded naked in an unnamed community with his daughter before being handed to the police for prosecution after the duo were nabbed pants down in a pleasure game.

A 56 year old man caught having carnal knowledge of his 13 year-old step-daughter was handed over to the police for prosecution after being paraded naked in an unnamed community with his daughter.

The duo were pulled out of the room by the man’s wife and some neighbours before being paraded naked. According to eye witness, the man confessed that both of them have been sleeping together for two years even further stating that the little girl agreed mutually to engage in such underage sexual act.

 The child molester also claimed he never forced her to sleep with him insisting that the sex was very consensual and that the little girl enjoyed it, an assertion which the little girl did not deny. A neighbour claimed that it was the little girls loud moans of ecstasy that alerted her mother and some neighbours to the horrible scene.

The man has been handed over to the police. See the uncensored photo of the two here. 18+

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