Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Ideal Woman Must Be Deaf and Dumb - Jesse Jagz

Nigerian rapper and singer Jesse Jagz who left his old record label, Chocolate City, to form his own, Jags Nation, before returning  to Chocolate City in a recent interview revealed that his ideal woman must be deaf and dumb. As odd as this may sound, the Choc City rapper who has his reasons, explained below...

“ If I tell you my ideal woman you will not believe me. My ideal woman is someone who is deaf and dumb so that I cannot be talking too much or listening to too much conversations.

It will give me time to focus on my music. There is also something I learnt from Seun
Kuti about marriage, he said that with development and everything, the major part of marriage is commitment and submission, appearance don’t necessarily matter. To all the women I have this for you, the more you are getting educated and exposed, you must always remember that a man is always a man and a woman is always a woman. A cat cannot be a dog and a dog can never be a cat.

Another quality I am looking out for in a woman is that, my woman should be confident and beautiful. She should be hardworking and able to inspire me. And I am yet to meet the woman but it is not like if I find the person I am ready to get married now. With entertainment, it is very dicey when it comes to marriage stuff and relationship”.

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